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Honda Takamitsu 本多孝充



Our corporate vision is to be a unique manufacturing company which is expressed in our motto "We Achieve What Others Cannot". We are a creative company with in-house designers giving us the innovative edge for added value products and the ability to spread our brand worldwide. Our core values of creating desirable products with design at the foundation means that Honda Plus has the ability enter many different market sectors. Our multipurpose, unique products are the dream and vision of Honda Plus.


1969年愛知県新城市生まれ。Lord Ashcroft International Business School(英)MBA卒。ドイツのプラスチックパッケージメーカーにて研修後、1997年本多プラス株式会社に入社し、取締役経営企画室長兼営業本部長に就任。代表取締役専務を経て2011年12月、代表取締役社長に就任。

Takamitsu Honda 本多孝充
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Honda Takamitsu 本多孝充


We do what others cannot


Any sized project is achievable


Let's do world-first challenges for the human race


From product design to sales - WE CREATE, WE MAKE, WE SELL
Let's make our work enjoyable and worthwhile!

Honda Plus 3rd generation President and Creative Director Takamitsu Honda, studied in Cambridge, England for his MBA. After working for Honda Electronics as the top salesman he then came to work at Honda Plus. He installed new systems and business models to give Honda Plus the edge in blow molding including a state-of-the-art clean room facility which produces high-quality containers, bottles and cases for the cosmetic and medical industries. He also established two design offices in Tokyo and Toyohashi to build the Honda Plus brand and to challenge the leaders in the field.

Takamitsu Honda 本多孝充